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Fire & Sound in Multifamily Floors

Fire rated assemblies for multifamily floors have a number of requirements as well as options to consider. Alex MacDonald, USG Manager, Strategic Accounts, presents the components of fire rated UL Designs for wood framed floor/ceilings and the requirements needed for meeting sound control per Section 1207 of the International Building Code® (IBC®). Below are two links to the Webinar – the USG EUniversity link offers CEUs. For more information, please see the brochure linked below or contact your USG representative.

Alex MacDonald has been with USG for 30 years, and his expertise is UL fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies. He has helped USG launch demountable wall systems, roof cover boards, structural cement boards, gypsum underlayments with sound mats, and waterproof shower systems. Alex has given more than 300 technical presentations to architects, owners, contractors, building code officials, and engineers. He has helped architects and owners save time and money in meeting the code for fire and sound and has assisted architects in getting UL Engineering Evaluation Letters that are equivalent to a job-specific UL fire rating. These are for floor/ceiling assemblies where no fire test exists.


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