USG Durock™ Genius™ Flooring Adhesive


Universal pressure sensitive floor-covering adhesive with high sheer bond

For use on all grades of concrete (on, above, or below grade), metal, wood, fiberglass and terrazzo.

Features and Benefits

USG Durock™ Brand Genius™ Flooring Adhesive is a premium, high strength and solvent free pressure sensitive adhesive that offers an industry leading coverage rate.

  • Install any carpet, resilient flooring covering or sport flooring and non-patterned broadloom
  • May be installed on all grades of concrete on, above or below grade in the absence of excessive moisture, in addition to Wood Association approved wood underlayment and subflooring
  • Tolerates up to 99% RH (ASTM F2170); up to 10 lbs. MVER (ASTM F1869); and pH levels up to 12 (ASTM F710)
  • Releasable or semi-permanent
  • Can be used wet, semi-wet or clear
  • High shear strength 45+ lbs., average peel 5+ lbs.
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified — low VOCs
  • Variable working time – 20 minutes to hours
  • Superior coverage rates


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