USG Durock™ PCO™ White Self-Leveling Topping


Portland cement-based polishable concrete overlay

USG Durock™ PCO™ White Self-Leveling Topping is a fast-applying Portland cement-based floor overlay for interior use over concrete subfloors and can be polished as a wear surface.

Features and Benefits

USG Durock™ PCO™ White Self-Leveling Topping is a specially blended formulation that allows you to clean, prime and pour without the need for mechanical preparation of concrete subfloors. Polishing and staining can start in as little as 24 hours depending on underlayment thickness and drying conditions.

  • Ideal over concrete subfloors when used as a decorative topping or wear surface
  • Can be used as a topping with wear surface qualities similar to concrete
  • Can be stained integrally or topically using a tested concrete stain or dye
  • Fast application and fast setting allow for quick return of normal trade traffic
  • Smooth, crack-resistant surface
  • No mechanical preparation required for most applications
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions


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