USG Durock™ Pro Series


Low-prep self-leveling underlayments and topping

By adding sand onsite, USG Durock™ Pro Series Self-Leveling Products create less waste and yield significant material savings. In addition, only minimal surface preparation is required for most products.

Features and Benefits

All USG Durock™ Pro Series products are low-prep; mechanical preparation is not required for most installations. USG Durock™ PWT™ Pro Self-Leveling Topping and USG Durock™ Multi-Use Pro, USG Durock™ Surface™ Pro and USG Durock™ Surface™ Pro FR Self-Leveling Underlayments are UL Classified for use in fire rated assemblies.

  • USG Durock™ Multi-Use Pro Self-Leveling Underlayment Versatile poured underlayment with an exceptionally smooth, crack-resistant surface – ideal for interior wood frame renovation and light commercial construction.
  • USG Durock™ PWT™ Pro Self-Leveling Topping Specially formulated to suspend larger aggregates as a self-leveling, polishable wear topping for concrete applications. When polished, the topping exposes the aggregate, offering unique dimension and color variation.
  • USG Durock™ Surface™ Pro Self-Leveling Underlayment Innovative, high-strength cementitious underlayment with self-sealing technology. For use in interior commercial, institutional and rehab construction over concrete slabs, pre-stressed concrete and concrete planks.
  • USG Durock™ Surface™ Pro FR Self-Leveling Underlayment Premium fiber-reinforced (FR) cementitious underlayment with self-sealing technology. Offers interior concrete subfloors a cost-effective reinforcement solution with improved load distribution.
  • USG Durock™ UltraCap® Pro Self-Leveling Underlayment Fast-application, fast-setting Portland cement-based floor underlayment for use over concrete and wood subfloors. Minimum compressive strength of 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa); allows for quick return of normal trade traffic.


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